In-House Bookkeeping Vs Outsourced Bookkeeping

Published: 09th September 2011
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Every business is started with the sole purpose of making money. Whether one do a small business from home or own a big business empire. One need to keep proper record of the money that is required to run a business, the amount of taxes one has to pay and the profit that one is earning. One can have scary sleepless nights if his mind keeps wondering for the money. If one has a small business, records are easier to maintain, but when that one room business grows, a proper system and procedure needs to followed to keep track of the money. Bookkeeping is a wonderful way by which one can keep track of his business position.

There are many professionals who provide bookkeeping services in an effective and efficient way. These experienced and highly talented professionals take the burden of administrative responsibility and keep you at peace of mind. There are several benefits when one avail the service of bookkeeping. Keeping an in house bookkeeper is expensive as well as time consuming. One has to give advertisement in the newspaper, go through all the resume and find out who are the best candidate for the post, call them for interview, and then make the final selection. You will provide training to that person, give him unemployment and other benefits. You also pay him or her during the training period . At times, it happens that the person you hired leave the company within a couple of months even before you reach the break even cost of hiring that person.

When one hire an in-house bookkeeper software needs to be purchased to keep records. This software require updates on a regular basis which will add on to your cost. The in-house bookkeeper will ask for competitive salary too. By utilizing the facility of the bookkeeping services one does not have to buy any software or maintain regular updates to it, neither one has to go through the cumbersome process of hiring an in house bookkeeper. There is no fear that the hired person may leave him any day or he has to worry of the person a competitive salary. The outsourcing company is responsible of doing all the task and well in time.

If you are running a small or a seasonal business where you need bookkeeping services only for few months, there is no need to keep in house bookkeeper. You can take the service of an outsourcing bookkeeper whom you need to pay only for the period when you take his service. At times, you have to hire a bookkeeper for hourly basis and need to pay him accordingly. If you took the service for 10 hours, pay for 10 hours only its as simple as that. On the other hand if you hire an in house professional you have to pay him for a full-time basis, which can be quite costly to you.

Freelance professionals providing bookkeeping services are responsible and knowledgeable. They are trustworthy and reliable. Bookkeeping services are comparatively less expensive than a full-time bookkeeper. These people are highly specialized and can perform complicated task with great ease. All you have to do is keep a regular track of the task done by them.

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When your business is small it is easy to keep track of the finances as there are few liabilities and few sources from where the money is coming but, as your business grows all these variables increase in number which makes it difficult to track of all of them if you are not doing it in professionally coordinated way. The bookkeeping services will ease your headache as it is been used over and over again by many business houses and helped them in putting their money at the right place and the right time. One can outsource this task which will save money and time for the owner of the businessman.

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